Better Industrial Brands website

bib-thumbBetter Industrial Brands is a marketing collaboration optimized specifically for B2B industrial companies in Greater Cincinnati. As a co-founder of this new venture I’m partnering with Industrial Branding Consultant Victor Frances, plus a virtual team of talented designers, writers, programmers, and other experts. Our early launch tasks have included concept development, creating a brand personality, website copy, and digital marketing.

Visit the Better Industrial Brands website.

  Celebrating Cincinnati’s Hometown All-Stars

hometown-all-starsMajor League Baseball’s All-Star Game came to Cincinnati on Tuesday, July 14, but that’s wasn’t the only thing we celebrated. Kroger and Procter & Gamble gathered a group of nine dedicated local volunteers, naming them “Hometown All-Stars.” These are truly amazing people, and it was my honor and privilege to interview each of them for features in Cincinnati Enquirer. Sharing their stories was one of the most satisfying assignments I’ve ever had.

You can check out the entire series online at, or click the links below to see PDF versions of individual stories.

  Kernow Company Brochure

Kernow_ThumbThis promotional brochure for Kernow Print Media marks my first collaboration with Adioh Creative. It’s not the first time I’ve been asked to write in UK English, but it’s certainly one of the best-looking results to date!

  DarSolar website

DarSolar-thumbBased in Saudi Arabia, DarSolar reaches out to an international corporate audience to help solar energy companies become established in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. Tom developed copy for the site as part of a global virtual team with members in the United States, London, Riyadh, and Dubai. You can view the current site in English or Arabic.

  Saudi Arabia Solar Industry Association (SASIA) website

SASIAWhile it wasn’t my first international project, working for the Saudi Arabia Solar Industry Association was a horizon-expanding experience. Written for a truly global audience, the site is designed to encourage connections between international solar organizations and emerging regional opportunities in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Check it out in English or Arabic.

  NLign Analytics website

NLign-iconNLign needed to explain a highly-technical product to multiple audiences with different levels of technical expertise. The solution was to create a website of nested layers: a home page primarily in layman’s terms for journalists and potential investors, more detailed landing pages aimed at C-level readers in targeted vertical industries, down to a core of geek-savvy case studies for the engineers who influence buying decisions.

  Hair Club website

HairClub-iconRevitalizing the Hair Club website was more than just a copywriting assignment. I had the privilege of working with a talented design firm who brought me in to participate in early strategy sessions. The end result was a dynamic new site that better positioned the client to compete in a changing marketplace.

  “Seeds for Change” promo

seeds-for-change-iconAnother whimsical promotion for Cause Farm Creative, featuring a slingshot and a pair of “seed bombs.” The fine print reads: “Please don’t shoot anyone’s eye out—and use the slingshot only for good.” (Click the image to see the full copy block.)

  Dripp website

Dripp-thumbWhen this new coffee and ice cream franchise launched in Chino Hills, CA, they needed a website that conveyed both the quality of the product and a playful sense of fun.