10 Great moments in freelancing

living_the_dreamOne of the things I love most about freelancing is the variety. Even in the age of caller ID, you never know what will come your way when you pick up the phone, and there are always exciting new things to learn.

In celebration of 11 years in business (a milestone I hit late last month) here are ten of my favorite highlights from “living the freelance dream” so far:

10. Having a veteran copywriter tell me the rate she thought I was qualified to charge (a lot more than I had guessed) a month before I left my corporate job.

9. Writing a package that hit Inside Direct Mail’s “top 5” list.

8. Having a conference call interrupted by a sandstorm (the client was in Saudi Arabia).

7. Being self-employed long enough to qualify for a home loan.

6. Landing my first book-length ghostwriting gig.

5. Flying to Walt Disney World on the client’s dime to cover the 30th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion.

4. Getting referral business from my copywriting hero.

3. Interviewing undersea explorers who found a lost pirate ship.

2. Not having to ask anyone’s permission to disappear for four days to celebrate my wife’s milestone birthday.

And of course, #1 is still:

1. Telling clients I don’t work on weekends.



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