Cold Calling Bingo Card

Cold-Calling-Bingo-ThumbJust for fun, this whimsical Bingo card was created as a resource for readers of the Creative Freelancer Blog (alas, no longer being published) and freelancers everywhere. Use it on your own or challenge another freelancer to see who can get a row first. Better yet, see who can cover a full card! Just don’t get so involved in the game that you’re disappointed when the person you’re calling is actually interested in hiring you. Click the image at right to download the PDF version.

  Think Patented Maxwell Award brochure

thinkpatented-thumbIn 2010, Think Patented was nominated for a prestigious honor in the printing industry known as the Maxwell Award. Part of their submission involved the creation of a showcase brochure detailing their history, philosophy, equipment, CSR initiatives, and even their sense of humor. Click the link at right to see a sample page from the brochure they partnered with WordStreamCopy to create—which ultimately helped them win the award over two competitors.

  Juve Creative “Tourist Guide”

juvTourists have guidebooks for great travel destinations, so why shouldn’t the hospitality industry have a guide to profitable tourists? Published during the economic downturn, this whimsical B2B bait piece identified eleven emerging tourist types with advice on how to attract and keep their business.

  P&G Nutristar campaign

nutristar-thumbThe Nutristar brochure presented the challenge of describing a complicated nutrition problem to readers with no little or no expertise in the field. Fortunately the benefits of the product were significant and easily understood, leading to the key positioning phrase “hidden hunger.”

This piece also featured a secondary B2B message, offering prospects a turnkey package for starting a local business as a Nutristar distributor.

  Don Dion’s Charter Club package

cc-thumbccLIft-thumbThis award-winning financial package generated more than $450,000 in revenue for Don Dion’s Charter Club, a lifetime subscription product for Fidelity Investment Advisor. I’m proud of this one because it didn’t rely on hard-sell “fear and greed” tactics. Click the images at right to see the lift letter and the full promotion.

The Charter Club packaged was honored as a “Top 5” promotion by Inside Direct MailClick here to read their review.