“Tom’s Superpower”

In 1990, Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi authored FLOW: The Psychology of Optimal Experience. It articulated for the first time what “being in the zone” was. In the zone, people consistently experience deep enjoyment, creativity and focus.

This is exactly what it’s like to work with Tom at WordStreamCopy. His superpower? Tom galvanizes disparate, abstract ideas, transforming them into cohesive, easy to understand content.

Start copywriting in the zone. Collaborate with WordStreamCopy.

—Lori Sallee
Felt Design Group

  “Tom exemplifies professionalism.”

Tom exemplifies professionalism. His work is thorough, creative, and timely. Tom is a wonderful collaborator, always willing to take the time to discuss projects and develop a workflow which will benefit all involved. I truly enjoy working with him.

—Jeanette Morgan
Lorenz Corporation

  “Tom is the piece de résistance to any creative team.”

Tom is a master of the written and spoken word. From the initial phone call to the concepting meeting to receiving feedback, every interaction with Tom is warm and wonderful. He really listens and fully understands the project and the objectives. He meets or exceeds deadlines. He’s an expert at hand-crafting the perfect message and is, therefore, an invaluable component in every project. Tom is the piece de résistance to any creative team.

—Allison DeFord
Felt Design Group

  “One of the best writers I’ve worked with—ever.”

I’ve worked with Tom for the past several months on a recurring project. He is an excellent writer with a cadence and conversational style that is refreshing and compelling. He also does a great job getting information from his subjects, and really zeroing in on what their message needs to be. He’s easily one of the best writers I’ve worked with—ever.

—Tiffany Estes
Whole Brain Creative

  “Always an easy, professional and fun process.”

I’ve worked with Tom for a few years now and it has always been an easy, professional and fun process. Tom has a unique gift of being able to listen well, ask the right questions and write the kind of copy that motivates people to take action. He’s helped me with copy that promotes my events and products and I have yet to be disappointed. One of the things that most impresses me about Tom is his ability to retain my voice throughout the copy he writes for me. I’m honored to have him support my work.

 —Peleg Top
Business Coach and Life Mentor

  “Always goes above and beyond the call of duty.”

We (at Marketing Mentor) love working with Tom. He understands our business, our prospects (small business owners and creative freelancers), always goes above and beyond the call of duty to research our project and provides excellent drafts that need very little revision on time. He is a keeper!

—Ilise Benun
Marketing Mentor

  “A true partner in every sense of the word.”

I was able to establish a comfortable working relationship with Tom very quickly. He is prompt when returning calls and replying to e-mails. I’ve found time estimates to be accurate and project deadlines have always been met.

His work is strong, but more than that it’s clean and precise. He epitomizes the concept of giving the customer what they need, not what they want. He takes what I ask for and evaluates it for solid design practice and printing ease. I know that he will give me an honest opinion when asked, yet he respects my opinion when we disagree. Tom has become a true partner in every sense of the word.

—Kris Kropff
Lorenz Corporation