Creative Fire

hibachiIf you create content regularly, it can be tempting to sit on good ideas. You might worry that you won’t have any cool stuff left if you act on all your great ideas now.

Resist the urge.

Some ideas need time to percolate, but many become stale over time if you don’t write them down. Unused ideas that have value also have a tendency to get “stuck,” blocking fresh inspiration.

If you’re hoarding your visions because you fear scarcity, it’s time to cut loose and let go. Creativity behaves much like fire. The more ideas you set going, the faster new inspiration comes.

Even if you’re not ready to share your latest bit of wisdom with the world, get it down—on paper or pixels—and out of your head. If nothing else, you can write your next newsletter well ahead of the deadline and schedule it to drop while you move on.



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