Designer + Writer = Creative Dream Team

Couple-using-laptopGraphic design and copywriting frequently work hand in hand, but very few creative professionals are masters of both arts. So it’s no surprise that many designers cultivate one or more writers as creative partners and vice versa.

From a designer’s perspective, working with a writer offers significant benefits. Here are five of the biggest:

A good writer will save you time—and maybe your sanity too

Most designers don’t consider writing to be their strong point, and even those who don’t stress about it tend to be more passionate about the design side of their business. Bringing a writer into a project allows you to focus on the design work you know and love best. Someone who works with words full time will also be more efficient at getting the job done, whether they’re creating a completely new message or polishing material provided by a client.

You’ll communicate your message faster and more efficiently

Do you have a tendency to ramble when you try to describe what you do? Are your clients the same way? A good copywriter is usually a good listener who can boil down all the information you provide, putting your words into an organized flow that makes sense to someone who’s never heard it before. Allowing a writer to pinpoint your core value propositions up front also helps everything you create later come together more quickly.

You’ll enjoy your own work more

A writer who knows how to work with designers can structure content to give you extra things to play with. Instead of a “wall of words,” you’ll get copy that’s organized with effective headings, subheads, call-outs, bullets, and sections of narrative. Not only will this make your message more effective, it will be more fun for you to work with as the designer. (Need to bring your favorite writer up to speed on how a designer works? Send your scribe a link to this post.)

You’ll get better results

Writers are trained to help you get into the mindset of your buyers by looking at your message from the perspective of your customers. A good writer uses these insights to figure out where your offerings best intersect with the needs and desires of your prospects, crafting the message for maximum customer appeal. Much of this work happens before any writing begins, so it’s beneficial to get your writer involved during the strategy phase.

You’ll be able to offer more and grow your design business

Having an established relationship with a writer or two transforms your design business into a convenient one-stop shop for clients. You can confidently offer to handle copy as an integrated part of your service. Not only does this save time and hassle for your clients, it opens the door to bigger projects. And the partnership can work both ways, allowing your writer to offer design services as part of his or her business.

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