Do you love the people you write for?

heart_toastOne of my most important things I write each year is a Valentine’s Day message for my wife Toni. A lot of men stress about finding the perfect words, and I’ll freely admit I’m one of them.

Luckily, I have a big advantage. I know that I married the right woman. That means I don’t have to struggle to find sincere things to say or force sentiments I don’t really feel.

This kind of devotion isn’t just for Valentine’s day, especially if you’re in the creative industry. I’ve learned the hard way that if I don’t believe in something, I can’t write about it. It’s a disservice to the client. No matter how good a writer I may be, I can’t fake sincerity.

What’s more, there are few things more stressful than doing work you don’t enjoy.

So take a look at the people you’re selling to. Do you like them? Do you love them? Would you sell your stuff to a trusted friend?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, it’s time for you to re-think what you’re creating.

Happy Valentine’s day,


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