4 myths about freelance introverts…

MBTI-Results…and why they’re wrong, wrong, wrong.

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t master the skills of interacting with people and generating freelance business; it simply means the process feels effortful, especially in groups.

Many extroverts claim you should just “get over it” and act like an extrovert (or better yet, force yourself to become one). But there’s a much better solution for freelance introverts: use your natural introvert strengths to get ahead.

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  Creative Freelancer Conference 2013 highlights

cfc_2013_netwalkingLast month I spent six amazing days at the Creative Freelancer Conference and HOW Design Live. Here are a few high points from the event.

  • Luke Mysse’s observation: “Criticism reveals more about the critic than what is being criticized.” ‘Nuff said.
  • Great advice from Sarah Durham of Big Duck: Your values belong on your company website. Be up front and transparent about them, and clients are more likely to respect them.
  • Growth doesn’t always mean making your company bigger, especially if you’re a freelancer. Growth can also be assembling a virtual team, working for better clients, or having more free time for what matters most in your life. Thanks to Kirk Roberts for rocking the growth panel with these and other insights.
  • Nearly half of all managers of in-house creative departments expect to use more freelance help in the next few years. Another third expect to continue the same level of freelance and partner outsourcing they have now.
  • “I’ve been hugged by Julie” stickers…usually seen on the right shoulder blade of the people she’s networked with. A creative self-promotion idea that had a lot of people asking “Who’s Julie?” and “Where can I get my hug?”
  • Dyana Valentine’s suggestion: don’t ask people “What do you do?” Ask: “What are you really good at?”
  • Too many insights about websites and content marketing from Mark O’Brien of Newfangled to detail here. Read his book. Seriously.
  • And as always…all of the inspiration, advice, and encouragement Ilise Benun gives to everyone who attends this remarkable event. Lives change for the better as a result.

I’m still in the process of following up with many of the great creative people I met at the event. If you haven’t heard from me yet, watch your inbox or feel free to reach out!