What Tom’s silly icons mean

Creative people love icons. So as a writer who loves working with creative professionals, I decided I needed to have a few. I’m using them to indicate different types of content, both in the home page carousel and throughout the site. Here’s a quick guide to what they stand for:

carousel_lrg_blogThe “Wave” Bullet: This friendly little guy is the WordStreamCopy ambassador, featuring the much-misunderstood squiggly grapheme known as a “tilde” (~). It’s the “wave in the WordStream” if you will. It appears in green and white to identify blog posts and other stuff on the site that’s specifically about me. The green and gold version is a new badge for WordStreamCopy in general, and he occasionally contemplates moonlighting as an avatar.


The “Sampler” Bullet: Want a preview of coming attractions before you commit? Look for the “Sampler” icon, which identifies some of the great projects I’ve done for others in the past. (Apologies to aficionados of counted cross stitch.) See the whole collection here.

carousel_lrg_cameoThe Spotlight: As much as I appreciate anyone who visits my site to read my stuff, the pieces I write for better-known channels like Marketing Mentor, the Creative Freelancer Blog, and Agency Access attract much larger audiences. This icon identifies my guest appearances on other sites, known here as “Cameos.”

carousel_lrg_testimonialThe Strangely Familiar Organic Pizza with a Slice Missing: Not completely convinced by the sampler? This chatty icon points to testimonials from happy people.

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